Le Volte, Dell’ Ornellaia, Bolgheri, Toscana, 2013

Along the Mediterranean coast, Tuscany’s Bolgheri region produces some of the most highly rated and sought after wines. The winemakers from there took the bold move to plant non-native grapes, mainly grapes found in France’s Bordeaux. Planting Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, etc. in their vineyards alongside Tuscany’s prized Sangiovese grapes.

Tuscany’s Antinori family founded Ornellaia, famed producer of “Super Tuscans” in 1981. Soon after California’s Robert Mondavi invested in the winery and became the eventual owner of the famed brand. The Mondavi’s partnered with the Frescobaldi family in 2005, eventually the Frescobaldi’s took over ownership and are still in charge of the winery today.

Their flagship wine, Ornellaia put the winery on the map, but they also produce other wines, grappa and olive oil. Le Volte Dell’ Ornellaia is a blend of grapes from some of the best areas of rnellaia’s vineyards.

Le Volte, Dell’ Ornellaia, Bolgheri, Toscana, 2013 is a blend of 50% Merlot, 30% Sangiovese and 20% Cabernet Sauvignon. The Le Volte is dark garnet red with aromas of dark cherry, raspberry, licorice, tobacco, earthiness and minerals. The Cabernet Sauvignon gives backbone to the softer Merlot while the Sangiovese adds bright fruit and raciness to the Le Volte. The wine is fruit forward with tart acidity and ready to drink now, but will age nicely for the next few years. The palate follows the nose with the flavors emerging one after another as the wine opens up. The smooth soft tannins lead to a long dry finish.

Most Italian wines are made to enjoy with food. Le Volte is great to drink on its own, but would pair perfectly with braised wild boar with truffle risotto.IMG_1468

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