Wines of Carineña Part 1

Wine professionals are always looking for the next be grape varietal or wine region that will get their customers excited. Luckily it looks like the next big region is also home to the next big grape. The most amazing part is that the two have been around for many centuries.
Cariñena in northeastern Spain has been the home of wine making since the time of the Romans. The grape that is most planted there is Garnacha. Garnacha loves hot climates and Cariñena has the ideal climate and many wineries have Garnacha vines dating over 100 years old. Here old vines are the real things.
Cariñena also has a long wine history. The Romans started making wine in Cariñena dating back to 50 BC. In the Middle Ages monasteries kept wine making alive in the region. In 1932 Cariñena was awarded Spain’s second Denomination of Origin. Now Cariñena is making news by promoting their Garnacha based wines, “The Next Great Grape.”
Recently three wineries presented their wines in Miami, Bodegas Paniza, Bodegas San Valero, and Grandes Vinos and Viñedos.
Founded in 1997, Grandes Vinos and Viñedos own vineyards in all of Cariñena’s 14 growing regions. Grandes Vinos y Viñedos, Beso de Vino, Old Vine Garnacha, 2014 is garnet red. The nose is filled with dried fruit and the palate is alive with tart strawberry, balsamic vinegar, & violets. The finish is long with tart acidity.
Grandes Vinos y Viñedos, Corona de Aragon Special Selection 2013 is 50% Garnacha and 50% Cariñena is dark ruby red. The aromas are rich berries backed by minerals. The Corona de Aragon Selection 2013 is very fruit forward, with dried fruit, and on the back of the palate. It has a long finish with a full mouth feel.
Grandes Vinos y Viñedos, Beso de Vino Rosè 2014 is 100% Garnacha. It is dark pink with aromas of cherry, raspberry, citrus and wild flowers. The berries really show upfront on the palate, there a light hints of minerals mid palate and tangy citrus on the finish. This is the perfect wine for warm spring days.
Next we will look at the wines of Bodegas Paniza and Bodegas San Valero.

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