Free Tasting #2, Session Beers @ at MIA Brewing Sept. 21, 2015

The people behind Miami’s Grovetoberfest are very generous to say the least. Not only do they put on South Florida’s biggest beer festival, they also have great lead up events to the big day by giving away free beer and swag. Grovetoberfest is fast approaching, October 17th at Coconut Grove’s Peacock Park.

The next free tasting, dubbed, “Third Half First,” is Monday September 21st at Doral’s MIA Brewing. Tony Albelo, the genius behind Grovetoberfest tells us in footballs earliest years there were actually three halfs per football game. The first two halfs were spent playing the game and the third half was for enjoying post game beers. The third half for this tasting will be beer first and Monday Night Football second.

Session Beers are the focus of the tasting. Session beers, as name implies a beers meant to enjoy over a longer period of time. So instead of big alcoholic beers where a couple are enough, session beers can be full of flavor with slightly less alcohol so they can be sipped and enjoyed for a longer time period, like a football game.

And just as all of Tony’s free tastings there is more than just beer. There will be plenty of swag handed out and if you are really lucky you may just snag a couple of tickets to Grovetoberfest.   Visit Third Half First on Facebook to RSVP for this event.

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