Beers to drink during Oktoberfest

Munich’s Oktoberfest was first held in 1810 to celebrate the Marriage of Crown Prince Ludwig (later King Ludwig 1) to Marie Therese. The whole city of Munich celebrated with beer, traditional food and horse races. This year is the 182nd Oktoberfest celebration. 2010 was technically the 200th anniversary of Oktoberfest, but 2 world wars and other events saw Oktoberfest cancelled for several years. Oktoberfest is now in mid swing with more than 6 million people expected to attend the celebration.

Hacker-Pschorr, Original Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany is amber in the glass with virtually no head. It has very nice aromas of sweet roasted malt, light caramel notes and red delicious apple. The palate follows the nose with a satisfying long finish. The sweet malt isn’t cloying, the Hacker-Pschorr, Original Oktoberfest is a great example of what an Oktoberfest beer should be.

Sierra Nevada, Oktoberfest, 2015, Chico, CA is dark golden yellow with a quickly receding off white head. Aromas of rich roasted malt backed by some light brown sugar and even a nice nuttiness. Caramel sweetness hits the palate first with the roasted malt balancing the sweetness. The brewers at Sierra Nevada paired with the brewers of Germany’s Brauhaus Riegele, which was founded in 1386 in Augsburg, Germany. The Sierra Nevada brew masters stay true to the Oktoberfest style and didn’t brew one of their usual hop heavy beers.

Brooklyn Brewing, Oktoberfest, Brooklyn, NY is delicious looking dark amber. The nose displays the roasted sweet malt aromas of a true Oktoberfest beer. The roasted malt blends with the caramel for a full mouth feel. Brooklyn Beer’s Garrett Oliver is one of top and most knowledgeable brewers in the country and is always true to the style of beer he makes. His Oktoberfest would be right at home in any tent in Munich for Oktoberfest.

Due South, Oktoberfest, Boyton Beach, FL is bright amber with a quickly receding white head. The aromas are subdued, but a nice toasted malt and light caramel emerge. The palate is also somewhat muted and the full flavors aren’t shining through. The Due South Oktoberfest is far from a true Oktoberfest beer and not very appealing. Leave the Due South Oktoberfest of the shelf.

Three out of four beers reviewed here are worthy lagers to celebrate Oktoberfest with. Märzen is a classic German style beer and it is the style severed during Oktoberfest. Beers. Serve up some tasty bratwurst and drink some Oktoberfest beers, Oompah music and lederhosen are optional. So hoist a liter of beer and drink up. Prost!FotoFlexer_Photooktoberfest

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