South Florida’s #1 beer fest, Grovetoberfest

On Friday October 16, 2015 it was a rainy day in Miami. The forecast for Saturday the 17th wasn’t looking any better. Would this year’s Grovetoberfest be a rainy mess? The updated forecast late Friday night showed a rain free window from 3pm to 7pm Saturday afternoon. It looks like the rain gods would grant Grovetoberfest Guru Tony Albelo a reprieve from a soggy Saturday beer fest.

When Saturday morning arrived the clouds were everywhere but they were keeping their rain to themselves. As the day wore on the clouds were starting to thin and even a piece of blue sky snuck through. When it was time for the VIP gates to open a ray of sun was shining down on Coconut Grove’s Peacock Park.

What greeted thousands of craft beer fans was a cool afternoon a slightly muddy field and hundreds of craft beers to sample. A little rain can’t keep beer lovers down. Grovetoberfest was in full swing, some men were even wearing lederhosen and women in German style dresses with colorful aprons.

Music was provided by live bands and djs, a tent filled with home brewers and every type of food was available to satisfy the masses. And with 100 tents filled with beer spread over Peacock Park there were no long lines to battle to sample the brews. Local breweries such as J. Wakefield and MIA Brewing were pouring their beers alongside big brewers Sam Adams and Sierra Nevada. Also international brewers Guinness, Quilmes and Presidente were there to add to the festivities.

One high light not to be missed next year is the VIP tent. Breweries show off their newest brews through special keg tappings. Local favorite Pincho Factory provided beer friendly foods in a seemingly endless supply, their sliders were amazing. The restrooms alone are worth the extra price of admission to the VIP section.

Tony Albelo’s Grovetoberfest was once again the highlight of fall beer drinking festivals. How he managed to appease the weather gods only he knows, but whatever it was it worked! Next up? Sprung! Stay tuned for details.

Rich enjoying a hme brew at Grovetoberfest!
Rich enjoying a hme brew at Grovetoberfest!

2 thoughts on “South Florida’s #1 beer fest, Grovetoberfest

  1. Hi Rich- Just trying to reconnect after getting to know you at Escopazzo, then briefly at Pascal’s. Would love to dine wherever you’re working now— or just have a beer/wine somewhere with you
    Gene and Jean


    1. Mr. Stark,
      It is great to hear from you. I always wonder how you and your wife are doing, fine I’m sure. I had an emergency in NY with my mother at the beginning of April and had to resign from Pascal’s and head to NY. I spend most of the summer up there with my daughter, my wife was down here for work. Mom is ok now, but I tried to get her to move down here, after a week she returned to NY. Maybe with winter coming I can get her back down here. Everything else is fine. Right now I am driving for Uber, to keep busy and make some money. Uber also allows me to watch my daughter, no after school care or baby sitter needed. But I do miss some good wine dinners since sometimes my wife works nights. I am missing an Archeval-Ferrer wine dinner on the beach tonight because my wife has to work, same story for another wine dinner this Thursday. Luckily PR companies like the way I write and send me a lot of wine to drink and invite me to nice events.
      I haven’t spoken to Giancarla, but Davis spoke to her recently, she is doing fine and working a lot in Tuscany. I speak to Davis all of the time and still speak to Nuri. I am still living in the Gables. I would love to grab a beer or wine some day with you and your wife. Will you be staying in the Gables anytime soon? Let me know, we can even have a pizza at Pummarola in Coral Gables, that is owned by Davis and his brothers.
      Talk to you soon,


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