Milagro Tequila cocktails for St. Patrick’s Day

FotoFlexer_PhotoMilatroteq green Bloody mary Agua Verde - Avocado Margarita

There is no rule that your drink of choice for St. Patrick’s Day has to be from Ireland. The only real rule that is enforced is that you have to wear something green. The punishment for not wearing green? A pinch! Those pinches can add up after a long night out. The later the night gets the more often and harder the pinches seem to get.


There is a strict rule for being granted sainthood though. To be granted sainthood you have to perform a miracle and it has to be confirmed by someone. According to the website About Religion St. Patrick was credited with many miracles. He converted thousands of Pagan Irish to the Catholic Religion, got food for the hungry and even raised the dead.


Milagro is Spanish for miracle. Milagro Tequila has created to green cocktails to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. I’m sure St. Patrick would approve and probably enjoy one after a hard day of making miracles.



Trebol (Shamrock)

Milagro Silver                          2 oz

Tomatillo                                 1 slice

Lime Juice                              1 oz

Agave Nectar                          .5 oz

Cucumber Slices                      4

Cilantro                                    1 pinch

Jalapeno                                  1 slice

Salt                                          1 pinch



Blend all ingredients without ice. Shake and strain into a tall glass with ice. Garnish with cucumber.



Agua Verde (Avocado Margarita

Milagro Silver              1.5 parts

Avocado                      0.25 part

Fresh Lime Juice        1 part

Agave Nectar              0.75 part

Cucumber                    3 Slices

Garnish: 1 Lime Wheel

Combine ingredients and blend with one cup of ice. Pour into a rocks glass. Garnish with a lime wheel.


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