Artesa, Pinot Noir, Carneros, 2013



Artesa, Pinot Noir, Estate Reserva, Carneros, Napa, CA, 2013Artessa Vineyards and Winery, Estate Reserve, Carneros, Napa Valley, CA, 2013 is clear cherry red in the glass. The Artessa, Pinot Noir has plenty of upfront fruit aromas of cherry, wild strawberry, raspberry and violet on the nose. There are also minerals and some toasted oak that comes in on the back of the nose. The rich palate shows off the bright cherry, raspberry and strawberry highlighted in the nose. The minerals and toasted oak stay on the back of the palate along with wild flowers. The Artessa Pinot Noir has nice acidity on the finish to balance out the palate and give it a nice medium finish.


The Artessa Pinot Noir has a nice balance of fruit and acid to give the wine more complexity than many California Pinot Noirs. The Artessa Pinot Noir breaks the mold for overly one-sided fruity Pinot Noirs, a nice change for the palate.


Salmon is the go to pairing for Pinot Noir and is no exception for the Artessa Pinot Noir. Grilled wild salmon would be perfect. Wild salmon tends to be fattier than farm raised that will work with the acidity and the char from the grill will be softened by the fruit flavors. Herb roasted chicken thighs with roasted root vegetables and garlic roasted potatoes as well.

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