Bronco Wines introduces Helix packaging system

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The United State’s largest vineyard owner, Bronco Wines has just introduced the most important wine packaging innovation to the United States. The Helix total packaging solution is a unique cork and wine stopper in one. The Helix cork is designed so it can be unscrewed from the bottle, no corkscrew needed. Need to re-cork the bottle? The inside of the bottle is threaded so the Helix cork can be screwed back in to form a tight seal between cork and glass, no extra stopper needed.

The Helix cork system is a collaboration between Bronco Wines, cork company Amorim and glass container company Owens-Illinois, Inc.   With the Helix system, every bottle makes that satisfying popping sound when you open the bottle.

Portugal’s Amorim is the world’s largest producer of cork wine stoppers, turning out over 4.2 billion wine corks to over 15,000 wineries throughout the world. Amorim was a natural fit for the Helix system.

Owens-Illinois, Inc. is the world’s largest supplier of glass containers to the best food and beverage companies around the globe. Based in Ohio, the have 23 plants located in 80 countries spread out around the globe.

Bronco Wine Company is a family owned winery began by the three Franzia brothers in 1973. Their wines are sold throughout the world and they produce wines for every category of wine drinker.

Red Truck California Red, 2014 features the new Helix cork closure. The Red Truck 2014 is a blend of 40% Shiraz, 30% Petite Syrah, 15% Cabernet Dorsa, 10% Malbec, and 5% Petite Verdot. The wine is dark violet with aromas of dark cacao, plum, red delicious apple and wild strawberry. The mouth feel has a pleasing full-bodied jamminess with flavors of cacao, wild berries with a mild earthiness on the finish. Red Truck California Red 2014 had a well-rounded quality with smooth medium long finish.

The Red Truck California Red 2014 would go great at an out door cookout. Leave the corkscrew at home, no problem.  It would go great with all types of meat off the grill as well as favorites such as baked Manicotti and Lasagna.

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