South of the Border wines for Thanksgiving

Everyone knows Miami is a fun city. We all drive Ferraris, go clubbing all night and date super-models. Northerners flock here in the winter to defrost. In the winter there are as many New York and Chicago accents as there are Latin American accents. Miami is also known as the closest Latin American city to the USA.   So it should come as no surprise that wines of South America are prevalent on many restaurant wine lists. These wines also belong on the Thanksgiving table.


The Rutini family from Argentina has been on the forefront of quality wine for generations. Their Mendoza Sauvignon Blanc 2014 is partially aged in French oak barrels. That oak aging doesn’t dominate the wine, rather it adds to the body and depth of the wine so it will go great with turkey breast and its acidity can cut through a rich gravy making it a great pairing. Also look for Torrontes, crisp with bright acidity, the best of these wines from Salto; the best are grown at high altitude in this northern region of Argentina.


Red wine is the real star of South American wine. Rutini Cabernet Sauvignon, 2012 has smooth tannins that fit in well with a turkey dinner without overwhelming any dishes on the table. Chile’s star grape Camenere with its fruit backed by nice minerality also blends in with the dishes served during Thanksgiving. Anderra, Camenere, 2013 has lush black fruit and a nice spiciness. For fans of a bigger wine, Achaval Ferrer Quimera, 2012, Mendoza, Argentina has firm tannins and body, but nice acidity and balance.


Uruguay’s Alcyone from Vinedo de los Veinetos is an incredible dessert wine, especially for anything chocolate. Made of the Tannat grape and fortified with Tannat grappa, this wine may be hard to find, but speak to your wine merchant and see if they can find it. You’ll seem like the worlds biggest wine expert.


Of course the main point of looking for wines to enjoy with Thanksgiving is half of the fun. These wines should be sought out and enjoyed with your feast.


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