Hardywood makes Christmas Morning more fun!


Hardywood Park Craft Brewery, Christmas Morning, Richmond, VA, 9.2%abv. is dark opaque brown with a fluffy dark brown head that quickly recedes. The dark roasted malt on the front of the nose is compliments by aromas of Gingerbread, dark cacao and coffee beans. The palate comes alive with flavors of Christmas morning cappuccino sweetened with honey and gingerbread spices.

Hardywood describes the brew like this, “Hardywood Christmas Morning lends a cheerfully heightened decadence to our Gingerbread Stout through deep conditioning on locally roasted Mexican Chiapas coffee beans from Black Hand Coffee Co. Hints of sweet honey and oven baked gingerbread greet the comforting nuances of freshly brewed morning coffee in this imperial milk stout. Skip the leftover cookies and milk and awaken your senses with this delightful holiday tradition.”

That is the perfect answer to what this brew is. Now pour some on Christmas morning and enjoy some pecan pancakes with real maple syrup. Maybe this ale is the answer to what beer is for breakfast.

Hold on! Just when we thought we knew what the answer was to a beer for breakfast, Hardywood came up with a new answer.

Hardywood Park Craft Brewery, Kentucky Christmas Morning, Richmond, VA, 10.8%abv. is dark brown with a tan head. Gingerbread baking spices lead the nose with notes of espresso, vanilla and coconut. The palate is a reflection of the nose with some coffee acidity on the finish.

Once again it is best to let the people of Hardywood give the scoop on this brew, “Hardywood Kentucky Christmas Morning is liquid proof that good things come to those who wait. Our original Gingerbread Stout takes an initial transformation through months of aging in Kentucky bourbon barrels, reaching new levels of maturity with layers of vanilla, coconut, and toasted oak. Before bottling, the barrel-aged stout is cold filtered through heaps of freshly cracked locally roasted coffee beans, showcasing the nostalgic joys of Christmas Morning. Treat yourself, it’s been a long year.”

Christmas morning won’t be boring after all of the presents are opened when you can enjoy either of the beers. The evolution of the Gingerbread Stout is amazing. Hopefully you were able to resist temptation and saved at least one of each to do a vertical tasting of this beers evolution.

A pairing for the Kentucky Christmas Morning? Those same pecan pancakes with the Kentucky Christmas Morning added to the batter!


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