Triple Crossing Brewing, Richmond, VA Falcon Heavy

Triple Crossing Brewery, Richmond, VA Falcon Heavy, 8%abv is cloudy golden yellow with a fluffy white head.   The Falcon Heavy is a double IPA version of Triple Crossings popular Falcon Smash. The hoppy aroma of citrus and cut grass is strong and welcome to what is about happen when the ale reaches your tongue. The head quickly fades and leaves a fine lace clinging to the inside of the glass. The Falcon Heavy is tangy to start with the hop heavy first sip. A slight maltiness cuts through the hops and the beer has a creamy texture. Nice acidity runs the length of the palate.IMG_1377

If you pass by the Triple Crossing Brewery you can enjoy the Falcon Heavy with one of their white pizzas. Any rich creamy of cheesy dish will work great with the Falcon Heavy, especially some Mexican food. The Falcon Heavy is available on draft at the brewery or you can pick up a 4 pack of 16 oz. cans at the brewery as well, but don’t delay, they may not last long.

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