Pumpkin Beers 2018, part 2

Weyerbacher, Imperial Pumpkin Ale, Easton, PA, 8%abv., is dark red-amber with a quickly receding tan head. Cinnamon, clove and allspice blend with pureed pumpkin and roasted malt. The palate basically follows the nose creating a liquid pumpkin pie. I would fill a glass with the Weyerbacher, Imperial Pumpkin Ale and add a scoop of rich vanilla bean ice cream, creating a liquid pumpkin pie ala mode.

Brooklyn Brewery, Post Road Pumpkin Ale, 5%abv. This brew gives a nod to early American brewers who used the plentiful pumpkin to brew their ales. Rich amber with a quickly receding khaki head has aromas of sweet roasted malt with baking spices coming in behind stands of pumpkin. The palate is very pleasing, more than just pumpkin pie in a glass. Toasted malt with hints of minerals backed by restrained use of baking spices, such as allspice, cinnamon, clove and even some ginger. Brooklyn Brewery, Post Road Pumpkin Ale has a medium finish with no sticky caramel. The maybe the one pumpkin beer of the season that you can enjoy more than one of or enjoy it with a warm slice of apple pie with whipped cream of course.

Southern Tier Brewing Co., Lakewood, NY, Pumpking Imperial Pumpkin Ale comes in at 8.6 abv. Dark gold in the glass with a small white head, starts with faint hints of lightly roasted malt and fresh cut grass. After swirling the real aromas push through, rich roasted malt and caramel quickly followed by baking spices. The brewery describes the Pumpking as pumpkin pie in a glass. The label also tells us that Pumpking has been crowned best pumpkin beer since 2007. The Pumping has always been one of my favorite pumpkin beers every year and is still crafted very well.

It seems my palate has come up with pumpkin beer palate fatigue. When tasting I never try more than two a day and those tastes are well spread out. With all of todays brewers looking for new styles, I would like to see a new style for the fall. Maybe they can try new spices besides just pumpkin pie, possibly a Chinese 5 spice with lemongrass or something else interesting as that. We’ll see. I have another year before I have to try more pumpkin beers.


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