Vietti Roero Arneis and lunch at Richmond’s La Grotta, perfect combo

Vietti, Roero Arneis, Castiglioni Faletto, Italy, 2017 is pale yellow-gold in the glass. The nose is filled with fruit aromas such as honeydew melon, nectarines, pears and lime. The palate is rewarded with delicious mandarin orange, peach, green apple and minerals that are balanced with crisp acidity. Vietti, Roero Arneis is medium bodied and has a nice long finish; the green apple goes from start to finish.

The Vietti, Roero Arneis was enjoyed with a lunch at La Grotta in Richmond, VA. Puree of Cauliflower with Gorgonzola soup was tamed with the crisp acidity of the wine. Even better was the crab and scallop ravioli in a lobster bisque sauce. The delicate filling in the ravioli benefitted from the citrus flavors in the wine and the rich sauce was balance with the long finish of the Roero Arneis.IMG_2082

This is a wine the definitely should be in your cava, especially for the warm weather on the way. Chill a bottle of the Vietti, Roero Arneis and relax on the deck with some cheese and salumi or go all out with some seafood ceviche.

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