Is this the Best Prosecco out there? Bianca Vigna, Prosecco, San Pietro Di Feletto

IMG_2078, IT is bright sparkling yellow in the glass with a steady flow of fine bubbles rising to the top. Aromas of yellow delicious and Granny Smith apples first hit the nose followed by tropical pineapple with lemon peel rounding out the nose. The palate is filed with ripe summer peaches mixed with tangy apples and minerals as the tiny bubbles tingle your tongue. The tropical pineapple appears mid palate and this sparkler has a rich creaminess not often found in other Proseccos.

Bianca Vigna, Prosecco is richer, creamier and smoother than most Proseccos and its full mouth feel keeps the palate happy with its complexity. Sure it would make a great base for a Bellini, but would be enjoyed most on a warm day on the deck with a platter of Italian cheeses and salumi.

The Bianca Vigna, Prosecco may be one of the best and most satisfying Proseccos on the market and well worth the effort to search out.

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