Hop on your bike for a picnic and take along this wine Cono Sur, Bicicleta, Limited Edition, Merlot, Chile, 2017

Cono Sur, Bicicleta, Limited Edition, Merlot, Chile, 2017 is dark ruby red with a fine purple corona. Intense aromas of ripe plums, seasonal blackberries and tart wild strawberries hit the nose first. Secondary aromas of fresh cut grass, dark cacao, minerals and toasted oak barrel mix with the fruit as the smells merge. The palate bursts with tart cherry, plum, wild strawberry and red raspberry.   The fruit is quickly restrained by a firm balance of minerals, dark chocolate and fine acidity to round out the palate nicely.

Cono Sur, Bicicleta, Limited Edition, Merlot would be great for red meat. A great treat would be to hop on your bicycle and head out into an open field on a warm, but not too hot day. Lay out a blanket and a picnic lunch with someone special. Unpack your bottle of Cono Sur, Bicicleta, Limited Edition, Merlot and pour into glasses to open up a little. Mix a salad of fresh greens, dress with a light vinaigrette and fresh berries and a bit of crumbled goat cheese and enjoy the picnic. Sipping the wine while enjoying the day is one of life’s pleasures. Cycling to the spot for your picnic will remind you of the Cono Sur vineyard workers riding around the vines. All the time keeping your carbon footprint low and don’t forget to bring the bottle home to recycle after your alfresco lunch.IMG_2204

The bicycle on the label and the name of the wine is a symbol that Cono Sur displays proudly on the label. Cono Sur is organic as well as carbon neutral. Workers travel through the vineyards on bikes to be efficient and help them achieve their “Clean Product Achievement” Certificate. Cono Sur also holds a For Life certification that means all workers work in a clean and safe working environment. Cono Sur was founded in 1993 and switched their vineyard practices in 1998 to be organic and sustainable. Every year since they continue to improve their stewardship of the land and dedication to their workers to create the finest wines while protecting the earth.

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