Susana Balbo, Crios, Torrontés, Argentina, 2018

Susana Balbo, Crios, Torrontés, Cafayate (Salta), Vallee de Uco (Mendoza), Argentina, 2018 is light yellow and tinged with green hues. The Summery nose reflects fresh juicy Georgia peaches, tropical lychee, Mandarin oranges and wild flowers. Secondary aromas of minerals and fresh cut grass keep the images of a warm summer afternoon fresh in the mind. Those juicy peaches, lychee and Mandarin burst out onto the palate, and while these fruits might may you think sweet, the minerals, lemon peel and crisp acidity make the Susana Balbo, Crios, Torrontés drink pleasantly dry.

The Susana Balbo, Crios, Torrontés is best enjoyed with friends on the back deck nibbling on lightly salted Marcona almonds, cheeses such as nutty Manchego, Alpine gruyere, and savory Pecorino Romano. Spicy hummus for dipping crisp cracked wheat crackers and grilled summer vegetables marinated in herbs and fine olive oil. Susana Balbo, Crios, Torrontés is also a perfect picnic wine. Spread out a large blanket on field surrounded with flowers pack a light lunch and laze the day away.

The label of the Susana Balbo, Crios, Torr

ontés has a new modern grown up look. Her signature is still represented, guaranteeing its quality. The symbol of the three hands representing Susana and her children is also still there. The Crios logo has a more modern and serious look that befits a wine of such quality.

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