Il Borro, Toscana, 2015

Thanksgiving is the most American celebration we have.  Early settlers helped by the natives of the new land to survive the upcoming harsh winter that was quickly approaching   A coming together with the most helpful and celebratory activity planned that has survived for centuries.  Only one event can be so powerful, dinner.  Not just any dinner, but one that featured the bounty of the season with a wide variety of food and drink that still features a seasonal meal to make other holiday meals pale in comparison.  The menu may have changed throughout the years, but the bringing together of friends and family has remained constant.

The menu for the past few decades has become pretty standardized though.  Turkey with gravy, stuffing, sweet potatoes, roasted root vegetables, and candied yams.  With all of this variety of vittles it would seem multiple bottles of wine need to served. Who wants to clean all of the glassware needed for different wines plus all of the silverware and plates.  One way to think about pairing for all of the flavors is to pick a wine based off the main focus of the meal, the turkey.

We all know the typical wines that are expected to be served with Thanksgiving, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Zinfandel, even a Beaujolais Nouveau for the daring.  Forget what every wine magazine tells you to pair with Thanksgiving. This year it is time to go Italian. If you grew up in an Italian household or had Italian friends, you know the meaning of eating.  Of course there will likely be some type of roast alongside the turkey and a side of pasta in a rich marinara will be somewhere on the table.

These added dishes add a whole new dimension to the wine to be served.  This year let’s go Italian and let’s go big.  Bold flavors need a bold wine, and what better than a rich Super Tuscan.  This will be the Thanksgiving that is talked about for years after.



is concentrated opaque ruby color.  Intense is the first word that comes to mind when sinking your nose into the glass and sniffing the wines powerful aromas.  Blackberry mixed with fresh cut violets blend with toasted oak and colorful autumn leaves floating to the forest floor and crackling under leather loafers.  The opening sip excites the mouth with tart red cherries, dark cacao; with smooth tannins that carry throughout the whole full mouth feel.  The end finishes long and smooth with crisp mouth-watering acidity that leaves you ready for the next sip.

Il Borro is a blend of 50% Merlot, 35% Cabernet Sauvignon and 15% Syrah.  Each grape is vinafied separately.  The winemaker blends the wines after fermentation and ages them in new French oak for 18 months and a further 8-month in the bottle before release. The wine and winery are organic and sustainable, an added bonus.

Since the Il Borro is such a nice wine it is nice to see how it progresses in the glass and to sip it slowly.  Thanksgiving is not a sip slowly type of dinner, so it may be better to decant an hour ahead of time to let it open up nicely.  But, if you have time sip and swirl and taste how the tannins soften and more fruit flavors emerge, it is a real treat.

Il Borro is named for the estate where it is produced, owned by Salvatore Ferragamo, and is a working Relais & Chateaux property and can be visited for a luxurious vacation in the Tuscan countryside.  And the wines are as smooth as a Ferragamo loafer.

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